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Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello Ladies—Look at your pad, now look at Stayfree Ultra Thins.

Brad will not only cook your meal and give your mom a book, but he’ll pick out your pad. So will Ryan, and so will Trevor. Look, let’s just let Old Spice own the space of parodying what a Real Man is because it’s uninhabitable for the next 10,000 years. I know I’m working on anger issues with my therapist, but I’ve never wanted to punch a screen more. Not to mention the link that you can supposedly click which goes nowhere. For an online *viral* ad, I guess this is what they call true integration.

Speaking of, typing it in then takes you to a generic coupon site having nothing to with the clips? Is this the best that can be expected when a Big TV shop mindset takes non-digi/social aim at the net? This is what drives smaller digital/social/interactive shops nuts, when they see the budgets put behind larger content efforts like this, knowing what they would’ve done with the same money and just a little more integration. Gotta do more, man. Gotta do more. If you are going to venture into OS land, then go all-in. Take these three dudes and set up in a fake real dating site, or at least tab one off Facebook. Get people involved with real man/dating horror stories. It’s Johnson & Johnson—they got the bucks.


(Agency BBDO, Toronto)


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fairuse said...

Oh. Kay. Got to play this again but with wife present. Want to watch her reactions. I am a consumer; no inside knowledge about this social environment advertising thing. With that thought in mind - video had me grinding my teeth 30 seconds in and that stopped when the video stopped.

Cooking guy that published cooking book. We shall see what says about this piece.

Unknown said...

I believe Emily Post's Book of Etiquette recommends from left to right: salad fork, dinner fork, knife, spoon, overnight pad, medium pad and ultra thin pad.