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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Interactive Producer, or writer on steroids?

I report, you deride. Part of the ongoing fun of social media is seeing the ways that employers describe job opportunities. Check this one out from Mashable. I’d say it sure redefines what I *thought* an interactive producer does. (Full ad after the jump.) Anyone taking this gig might need to stock up on Red Bull first though because the $27K salary being offered won’t even leave you enough for water. I know salary tends to be a reflection of whatever part of the country you’re in, but really, for the volume of content they want? To give you an idea of what places are trying to get away with these days, one of the things they require is 200 blog posts a month, 300-500 words each. (That’s seven posts a day.) Compared to the garden variety media publication which pays about $50 per post on average, and they’re already over their budget. But hey, in times like these, someone will be desperate enough to let themselves be taken advantage of and probably apply.

Interactive Producer Job Description

Root & Madison doing business as Social Compass, a leading social media marketing company is seeking several full-time interactive producers. The ideal candidates must have blogging experience, social media experience, and a successful track-record for building and engaging an audience. They must be comfortable interacting with readers and be able to initiate a conversation. They must also have a strong presence on key social media sites. Interactive Producers will be expected to monitor blogs, send out email marketing campaigns, write eBooks, and publish multiple short posts on social networks.

Position Overview:
• Research trending ideas and topics
• Create content for our clients that will attract new readership
• Find renewable sources of unique ideas and inspiration and be able to take a concept from an idea stage to finished product.
• Write engaging and thoughtful content on other popular blogs, forums, and social networks relating to our clients products or services.
• Share research links, helpful to-dos, tips, specials, promotions and/or discounts that would be interesting to the readers in our clients’ online communities.

• 600 comments on social networks, blogs, and forums per month using our proprietary software.
• 200 blog posts per month with each post being 300-500 words that contains at least 1 picture.
• 100 status updates on our clients’ social networks.
• Creating content for up to 40 email-marketing campaigns per month.
• Creating content for monthly promotions.
• Creating content, and designing 10 eBooks per month with 12-15 pages in each eBook.
• Analyzing 10 clients website analytics, and sharing strengths and weakness’s for each client every month.

Qualifications & Experience:
• 2+ years of demonstrable online content creation experience coupled with successful track record in increasing readership and conversions through online media.
• Degree in English, or Journalism with at least a 3.0 GPA
• Knowledge in Adobe Creative Suite
• Knowledge Google Analytics
• Basic HTML Knowledge
• An avid self-educator; constantly seeking out new knowledge
• An innovative thinker-able to blend unlikely subject material to create new engaging content.
• Able to be productive under tight deadlines
• A Time Management Expert
• Capable of working with little direction

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