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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our Gold Promise to you: We will not stop using Mr. T.

I hope they don’t. I’m going to FF >> past the idea that sites which take your gold *may* have trust issues. BBB certification notwithstanding, the industry does have a certain taint. I JUST LIKE SEEING MR. T IN COMMERCIALS. Has any celebrity gotten more mileage from a catch phrase? I pity the fool who don’t know the answer. GOLD IS TRADING AT AN ALL-TIME HIGH.* GOLD PROMISE WILL GET YOU THE MONEY YOUR GOLD DESERVES. (Watch him beat up golf clubs too after the jump, and win an appearance with him in a future spot.)

*But it’s always at an all-time high. Nobody ever comes on and goes “Holy shit! The bottom’s dropped out, better sell now!”

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