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Monday, December 20, 2010


As if on cue! Be kind, dear readers... for I give you the last flashmob of 2010 – or ever? Hopefully. It’s for Dell XPS laptop speakers in an Austin coffeehouse. Yes, I know, that’s some HOT sexy keyword action, and yes, any brand could own flashmob coffeehouse speakers, and yes, shaking a laptop around like that is an ass-kick worthy move..., but can’t you smell the charm? Just a little? Maybe though next time everyone sit the hell down, and one by one, the song builds from the various tables throughout, filling the air with joyous wonder... AND NO GRATUITOUS BOOTY SHAKE. The HELL? It’s Christmas. SHOW SOME RESPECT. No more flashmobs unless they have a charitable angle to them or are breathtakingly cool.

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