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Friday, December 3, 2010

Go with Go... wait, on second thought.

So check out what the kids these days at the Illini Secular Student Alliance are doing. A new bus campaign in Illinois features prominent philanthropy’s own Warren Buffett and Bill Gates as examples of doing good in the world – sans religion. The group could only afford two action figures apparently, but begs another question: Why indirectly associate money with religion? Why not feature someone areligious and maybe not that well off who also does good in the world? I always found the pro-secular position funny. Not, lol funny, but, funny, hmm. Yes, the conservative, religious right hates heathens, so maybe you feel picked on. They open fire whenever they can (and yes, they’d lump in your little after school group with the sinners, because in their eyes, you’re either with God or agin him). But if as a secularist you advocate a lifestyle free from organized religion, why not just live your life without mentioning it in the first place? Those you oppose get to live their life – you get to live yours. Smells like win-win. Otherwise, you just draw attention to the very thing you’re fighting in the first place.

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