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Saturday, April 9, 2011

“Who the f*ck is Wayne Gretzky?”

This is where I used to have time to get deep on weekends with posts, but not no more (lately) thanks to an insane work schedule. One of the recent clips I saw though is not only one hockey fan(atics) will dig, but any fan with a spouse who don’t share a passion for sports. It’s from Kevin Smith’s Too Fat For 40, a live-concert film including takes on things like his Southwest Airlines fiasco and filming with Bruce Willis. One of the segments also covers his love for hockey and Wayne Gretzky. Setting the stage for the clip above, he’s talking about hearing what the grosses were for Zack and Miri Make a Porno which leads him into hockey rant territory. Normally, whenever you watch Smith, you notice that the dude knows how to tell a story, but this one is especially poignant, funny and sad. Appropriately, fittingly, etc.ingly, he’s also got a new movie coming out about hockey called Hit Somebody with John Goodman as a sage slash coach. (Supposedly, the film will be Smith’s last.) Enjoy this clip though or stream the whole thing on Netflix.

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Michael the G said...

"You're trying to keep me from Gretzky!"

Also, the Captchka is "Repterr" which is what hillbillies sound like saying Reptile. Well, actually they would just say "snakes n' nem"