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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Now what.

Lot of people waiting for this moment for a long time. It’s odd though, bittersweet in many ways, as after nearly a decade, the promise of revenge was finally realized. *Justice* may have been the weapon of choice to convince a country to go to war as the rest of us went on with our lives shopping, but this was always about revenge.

The 10 and 12-year olds in the house each reacted differently at the time. The youngest watched an endless TV loop of video game planes hitting two buildings as his sister became increasingly angry over the days that followed, at times hoping for the news America got Sunday. All I think of though is how their generation got closure for an event that they still may not have come to terms with.

Aka, here’s your closure, please take it.

The Kennedy assassination. Computers. AIDS. Every generation knows the time before the defining events of their lives and how their lives were forever changed after. 9/11 for this generation seems no different. Except, the closure this event was supposed to be feels anything but. When asked today, the now 12 22-year old had this to say about how she felt then:

Who cares. That probably makes me un-American but guess if I had relatives that were directly affected by 9/11, I’d be a little bit more emotional. Why were we even looking for him in the first place? He’s just one of the many pawns that day. Great, so now we’re gonna spend more money looking for people. So it’s like a little witch hunt. How cute. This is why people move to Canada so their tax money doesn't get wasted on this shit. 

Anyway, [cousin] sent me a text at 6:36 in the morning and it didn’t even register. All morning I kept hearing about it but was kind of surprised no one had leaked pictures. I think the details behind all of it are pretty sketchy. I mean we’re human so I find it hard to believe someone didn’t take a personal picture or even twitter that shit. It’s stupid that this one event that had nothing to do with Obama will secure his second term... talk about a lucky break.”

So that’s how the boogeyman is perceived. Closure, after all. Now, let’s go shopping.


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