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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Because chicks dig a fanny pack.

No, they do. I have three. (Dukes of Hazard, Van Halen and an A-Team.) In this case though, TDA does not share my view that the male fun bag is as effective for luring women as say, Axe, so they created a safe-sex campaign for Sir Richard’s Condoms (the Tom’s Shoes of condoms, available in Whole Foods and Walgreens). The accompanying message states “This is a complimentary fanny pack. When worn as a fashion accessory by a man, it makes for excellent birth control. No man has ever been seduced while wearing a fanny pack in the history of the fanny pack. In the event you prefer your birth control to involve actual intercourse, may we suggest Sir Richard’s Condoms.” Sexy!

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Unknown said...

"The Tom's Shoes of Condoms" best line I've read in awhile. I really need to visit your blog more often.