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Rules of engagement.

I like PR. We even did a show on the topic with a PR guy. But y’all are killing me. Due to the volume of submissions I have to wade through that have no relevance to this here blog, here’s a handy guide to help me, help YOU:

1) I only cover creative work that’s already run (or is just running now). I don’t cover ANYTHING ELSE. No stories about agency wins/losses, employee hirings/firings, new books, marketing seminars, apps, mobile tech, etc.

2) My first name’s not “HI” or “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.”

3) Just send this:

“Hi Bill, (See? First name—easy!)

Here’s a new campaign from
(brand). It’s to promote their new (product). It’s from ( (Always include url to agency or agencies responsible for the work.)


(your name)”

Save the three pages of backstory. I do not need anyone to find a way into the story for me. I will find my own way into it.

4) If it’s a TV spot, do not send the actual clip, and do not send me to your website to watch or download it. I only run clips with embed codes from YouTube or Vimeo. Period. With the volume of submissions I get, I do not have time to track down your agency’s clips/embed codes for you. That’s why they pay you.

 – Send print/collateral/OOH/etc. as an attached jpeg or as a link to where it’s posted. No need to ask if I want to see – it’s an ad blog – of course I want to see the work. (No PDFs either.)

5) Sorry, but no anonymous submissions from generic email accounts anymore. (That’s different than a legit person I already know asking me to keep their name anonymous, which I will do.)

6) After all that? That’s still no guarantee anything you send will run. If it’s on every ad blog you already sent to, chances are I may not run it for that reason alone. In general though, if I like something, it runs.

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If your stuff isn’t appearing on the blog, it’s probably because of one or more of the above items.