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Thursday, June 28, 2007

The boss’ pet project.

Just how else can you say it? In response to my nepotism rant, (great band name by the way, ‘The Nepotism Rant’), Irene Donne brought up another agency time bandit: the boss’ pet project. Almost as bad as hearing that their kid will be enrolled in the agency summer camp program is hearing this gem: “I need you to design a
for my

Followed closely by what?

“Don’t spend much time on it but, you know, make it look nice.”

Which is followed by you having to cancel whatever plans you made that night. Why? The little 20 minute quickie will turn into an all-day affair, especially after your boss decides to route it through .

Meanwhile, while you’re busy trying to bury the time on another project, which by the way, you still have to finish, you’re also trying to disavow any knowledge of Frankenstein’s monster. At least the universal out “It’s not for me” helps you maintain what little bit of design pride you may still have left when coworkers happen to walk by and catch a glimpse.

But hey, things could be worse. The boss’ kid could give you the assignment.

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Susan Gunelius said...

I'm laughing so hard at this post. In my Corporate career, I think my favorite similar example comes from when I worked for a large financial company that had its own small printing press onsite. Sadly, company projects were always bumped for the CEO's grandchildren's elementary school newsletter and other family projects. No wonder the company was the victim of a hostile takeover.