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Monday, November 12, 2007

Do, uh, DRAW the Dew at

Interesting tag, “from the virtual world to the real.” Go to to try and design, create and name the next flavor of Mt. Dew. (You can also get some background on it at their Facebook too.) The semi-cool: I say ‘try’ because you really have to work here. You play a series of games on the site to enable your power to then lead you to answer questions to then let you pick from their pre-selected range of flavors.

I can understand the sequence thing because for the younger side of the Halo crowd, but for older players maybe it didn’t have to try so hard. Basically this is a ‘design our product’ thing, why complicate it. The cool: Very tight interactive work and gaming integration on the site. I also like the FB page and how they have someone responding to negative crit, unlike brands that seed blogs with nothing but positive remarks.

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