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Monday, November 12, 2007

Casio says hold up, what about OUR YouTube contest?

I just wanted a weekend off. Wasn’t too much to ask, right? But no, I have to come across another freaking YT contest. To promote their YouTube compatable line of cameras, Casio wants to see your technology digs, good bad or fugly. But $3,000 though? C’mon. Pony up a little more than that. LG did. Lot of Tarantino wannabes out there need cash to finish their dark, brooding but cool-as-hell short films.

As for MTLB/YouTube nation, you know what to do by now. Shoot. Upload. Vote. Casio makes it a breeze! (They did not pay me to say that, I swear.) What’s more fun though is trying to decipher just what the spokesperson’s saying in the promo clip. Towards the end, sounds like...Master-PC-ba-whaaa? (I’d also include a more direct url to the contest page from that clip, like maybe, “Enter contest here” but then I like dumbed down stuff.)

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