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Thursday, December 6, 2007

I think alleged pretty much sums it up.

Now you can openly make any claim you want, just throw alleged in there somewhere. Pharma, booze, whatever. You’re good to go.

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Al Christensen said...

A favorite of the herbal remedy folks is "anecdotal research." Hey, some people told us they think it works, so there you go!

Tim Bond said...

I love how the drawing of the man carrying a horseshoe in his pocket is an "artists' conception" - I suppose it took more than one person to create the detailed work of art.

I have a strong memory have having a horseshoe just like that one when I was a kid. I am certain it was plastic and just as cheesy as it appears in this ad.

Jessie said...

More than one artist? Probably a team! And then a copywriter to come along and tell them it looks so little like a man's pocket that they need a caption to explain it.

Anonymous said...

Who knew mo-jo came from India?

Make the logo bigger said...

@Tim Bond - it does have a certain P.T. Barnum charm to it.

“Who knew mo-jo came from India?”

1.2 billion can’t be wrong.

joker said...

Artists conception of a cleavage he'd like to put a pearl necklace on or over the My little pony sized horse shoe... To be honest, this is a case where tack is fun because it just ups the bar and goes above and beyond the call of duty to being cheesy. Case in point, fireworks from China. Does the artwork suck? Hell yes. but I still like em.