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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Because Philly IS more reBELLious.

Trading Iverson and letting Garcia go in favor of McNabb? Rebels! Here’s another poster from my travels this week, Philly’s tourism campaign for 2008. Historical landmark as destination spot. Safe, but you can’t go wrong presenting historical significance to tourism boards. (Although “Philly–It’s Waaaaaaaaay Better Than Allentown” has a certain panache to it as well.) Nor am I against landmarks or touristy attractions in spots, just make it clever. (Check out Florida’s Space Coast work.) Most tourism stuff though consists of outdoor lifestyle shots of places you can never seem to find. Naturally of course—do you really want to see the part of the state that makes the evening news for the wrong reasons?

Still, the shiny happy people almost always take you either to websites as exciting as a DMV cubicle, or, ones that fail to highlight the campaign
prominently, if at all, resulting in a disconnect, (like If I see that look, then I expect to see it on the site. Okay, maybe not the exact look, but something that ties it in, even if in the copy. And another thing about tourism work: When you’re spending a ton of money on tv spots, why would you not feature the spots on the home page? So yeah, go visit Philly if you like bells and stuff, maybe even drive around and see where they film this.

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