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Saturday, October 25, 2008

“OBinLaden_22 is now following you on Twtter.”

Aka, ALL YOUR TWEETS ARE BELONG TO US. A report from the Army says hactivists and terrorists may be using sites like Twitter because of their real-time updating features. Well, um, no shit. Almost everyone who loves Twitter cites its ability to let them express what theyre doing that sec. No news there. But thats as it applies to the mundane made spectacular by the many Hemingway wannabes using it: “Enjoying wonderful Brie, listening to Bach, while the setting sun dances across the sky, teasing my soul.”

Nobody except for Uncle Sam expect people to be plotting shit, but, it’s possible. Newsflash for the naive and the overworked analyst in a cubicle at Langley following
the cast of Mad Men looking for clues: Twitter first and foremost was always a global IM service at its core. Did anyone think the bad guys at some point wouldnt exploit that aspect for Wile E. Coyote-like purposes? Aside from the monitoring we dont know about, this isnt the first known look into the virtual/online space. The Reynard Project was created to look into game scenarios using publicly available data, basically seeking out order in the chaos.

All this means is that while we may not be any closer to finding Bin Laden, he
ll probably end up being the one guy with more followers than Scoble.

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