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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Taco Bell, yo quiero medios sociales.

Sure there are a ton of brands in online spaces, and a lot have stumbled their way through like Pizza Hut and Walmart, while others haven’t. (Look at Mt. Dew’s can designs solicited on Facebook or Jet Blue, Zappos and Dell listening to consumers on Twitter as examples of those with a clue.) But Taco Bell, you’re killing me. Of the many brands on Twitter, they’re failing here. One look at their page and it’s like, damn, Think Outside the Bun Box much? TV box that is. It’s clear in that category that TV drives brands, I understand, but if you’re gonna be on Twitter, you need more than that. Their account profile says “Taco Bell's Official Presence on Twitter.” Hmmm. One update in nearly four months sounds like it was officially DOA before it started. Hard to believe with the money they spend that there isn’t one intern in the agency who could update that shit daily. Annoyed? Sure I am. All the money that gets funneled towards TV spots that’s nothing more than a copy of stuff that’s been out on YouTube for a while, and they can’t do anything better than this. Taco Bell. Email me. I know people who can help.


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