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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Admissions officers everywhere are now cursing David Caruso.

Or saluting him for doing what Quincy* started: Flooding forensic studies programs with students over the past few years. Forget that funding has been cut for labs while caseloads have increased, we have neon purple labs with cutting-edge tech! (Don’t we?) The CSI effect... now in effect as you’ll be solving some of this country’s toughest cases. (Won’t I?) Sure your skin will be pasty white, but that’s a small price to pay for career glory. (Isn’t it?)

After, of course, you wash down the table.

*Oh sure, Caruso wears sunglasses like it’s his job—it is—but Quincy really was The Most Interesting Coroner in the World.

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rakeback said...

David Caruso is the man. It doesnt get any better than his 1 liners to start the show, and the obsessive putting on and taking off of the sunglasses. I can see why enrollment went up so drastically.