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Sunday, August 30, 2009

T-Mobile’s almost nearly perfect
Google Apple spot.

Even though Google is one of those rare brands that blew up without the help of TV, this one feels like a spot they could’ve run had they wanted. It’s not overhyped like some tech brands and it’s just simple enough to be Apple, if, Apple and Google were bff. Like Google’s interface, it’s a clean, straight-forward spot with no dialog and retro feel-good Cat Stevens tune. (My dislike of his politics aside, the song moves the celebs along nicely.)

Two things though: The finger > swipe transition thing? Already done. That feature is just the price of entry for all smartphones now. The one other thing, stupid as it may be, was the visible color wash cgi transitions between the celebs. Detracts from the rest of the spot and cheapens the vibe. Just show them already with the different colored phones as it’d feel more natural and would keep the focus on their phone pics.

Add this one to their previous stuff though, and T-Mobile may have the best commercials in the category. Verizon, can ya hear me now?

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