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Friday, August 7, 2009

Blank-cation now threatens $5 as ad term from hell.

At first I thought “$5” was going to be the advertiser of the year; the damn thing’s held up the fast casual dining category. But making a move on the outside? STAYCATION and all its special cousins like “break.” Props to Taco Bell and a host of others for bringing insanely brilliant marketing wordplay into the mainstream. Now, local Connecticut theme park Lake Compounce spins it further with... DAYCATION. (But, um, guys, you’re near a lake, soooo, why not, LAKATION!) Brand floodgates open now, watch me go!

- With Trojan, why not stay home and have a FORNICATION.
- Wednesday is Prince PASTACATION day!
- Pharma wants you to stay home and have a MEDICATION.
- Uh-oh, just had an accident. Think I’ll wait at the scene and have a CLAIMACATION.
- August 16th is now National PETIFICATION day, sponsored by Pedigree.

Your turn!

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