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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Don’t think of it as condoms, it’s more like groovy in a box.

Via Lovely Package comes Swedish condom maker Packoflove. They want people to be less embarrassed about that Sven-Eleven* purchase, so they artified what appears to be a matchbox and threw a few condoms in for good times. Wait, aren’t Swedes open about everything, why the need to obfuscate?** Less shame in dying from lung cancer apparently. I KID. Instead, why not take this further and become the Jones Soda of condoms: Let people upload their own photos. There’s a lot of prevention in the right image.

*Yes, I know most Swedish men aren’t called Sven, but when do I ever get a shot at a pun that reinforces American stereotypes like that? Actually, in older Swedish, “Sven” means male virgin. Oh. What. The irony of a virgin buying condoms in a Swedish 7-Eleven officially not lost now, I score! I WIN, BITCHES!

**My analyst said I need to throw around bigger words this week.

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