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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Don’t worry, she really does love
you for you.

When it comes to visuals for dating sites, you either get happy couple or hopeful single. InstaMarriage™ sites take it to new depths though. YOU GET MARRIED NOW LONGTIME. Still, showing what is most likely a spot-on representation of their demo feels really sad in this one. Good luck friend, she’s about to run off with 29 dimensions of your money.


Jetpacks said...

Thanks for the citizenship, GI. Who's your friend over there?

Once at a company Christmas party, a vendor brought his brand new Transylvanian bride (no lie.) She was smokin' hot and had eyes for every guy in the room except her new man.

But I'm not cynical. I'm sure there are plenty of beautiful foreign women looking for love from lonely American dorks.

copywriter said...

Awesome. Think this is a stock shot?

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus! That guy's got forearms like Popeye! That's either been `shopped, or he's been warming up for his new bride.