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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

For your consideration, human frailty
and exploitation.

Oh, and profits.

It’s that time of year, when Favre is retired, not retired, retired... and TV shows make their push for Emmy consideration. Not just Stewie, but reality shows are out in force too, one of which is A&E’s Intervention. And, if I may, I think A&E deserves a special Lifetime Achievement Award for rebranding.

Who knew the arts and history programming that the channel was once known for could be so successfully swapped out for human desperation? Score! And they did it with such in-depth soul searching as Parking Wars and Flip This House. Now I don’t use this phrase often, but, kudos! C’mon gang, the foreclosure and incest index cards are still on the wall as far as remaining show topics go. Better hurry before TLC jumps all over them.

Best cinematography though? Hmmm. Only one reality show should get that: Deadliest Catch. 40-foot waves in a freezing Bering Sea while crab pots fly around? Not sure how filming mom and the rest of the family tell dad it’s time he got help is as dangerous.

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