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Friday, August 28, 2009

Selling Hawaii: “Come back, we have Dog?”

Granted, the tourism business is down across the board, but you’re the Apple of vacation destinations, you don’t need a slogan, a rebrand or new look. Your product is perfect. All your advertising has to do is not get in the way. Your slogan could be “The locals won’t murder you in your sleep and we have those big outrigger things” or “Come for the tweekers—stay for the scenic vistas.” (Wait, that might be Vancouver’s.) Either way, you’d still be okay. Besides, Dog’s there to catch any skips. Wait, what, tourism dropped 8% over the same time last year? Yikes. Okay, maybe panic IS in order then. Look, just ride it out and don’t feel like you need a change in the message like Las Vegas apparently did. Own that thing. Disney has a polynesian resort? Hawaii INVENTED the hut. That’s why we invaded and made you a state.

Staycation my ass. Hawaii, bitches!

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