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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Well here’s a new metaphor in the healthcare debate.

You didn’t really believe I was done with this topic, yah? Not when a gem like AARP’s car chase falls in my lap. I ask: WHAT WOULD YOU DO? A chase through the streets and alleys of America? Brilliant! Literal as “boxing you in” might be, it’s a nice twist on the usual themes you find in PAC advertising. Notice the explosion of acronyms at work too: AHIP, AMA, ASQC, CPR (a fave), CRHR, FRC, and PUN, (awww).

Forgotten seniors? Check. Anti-Canadian healthcare here? Check. CPR by the way is one of those killer sound bite acronyms, a call to action, a rallying cry! The spot’s not too bad either, as overly melodramatic spots go anyway.

I like what PUN did here: Take a Canadian citizen and get her to speak out against her country’s healthcare system, then use that arguement as the basis for why we shouldn’t do it here. (But I thought the GOP doesn’t think the U.S. should model it’s policies based on what other countries do? Details, eh.)

And, props to FMR for working in another equally divisive subject: Abortion. The Family Research Council wants you, Mr. and Mrs. Senator, to keep grandpa angst-free. Won’t you please help?

For more on who’s behind the acronyms, check out the round-up on CNN.

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