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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bobcat Goldthwait, yeah, no,
you hated him.

Yes, he was that annoying guy with the odd voice.

One of a group of comics in the ’80s and ’90s who incorporated an odd delivery along with the likes of Rita Rudner, Steven Wright, Gilbert Gottfried and Emo Philips. (Sam Kinison being the transitional phase to Bill Hicks, the next gen bringing insights sans odd voice. Dave Altel now holding down the understated fort with the likes of Dave Chappelle and Sarah Silverman.)

Not that this is an ode to Bobcat, but hear me out. I heard a recent podcast with him on The Treatment, where he talks about directing his second indie film to have shown at Sundance.

And he’s normal.

Everything you or I may have hated about him, he hated too. The voice based on Grover from Sesame Street? Who knew.

But more than that, he breaks down the much of what he was trying to do, which parallels how Andy Kaufman worked an audience, almost to the point of uncomfortableness.

That’s the dark comedy side of things he goes for.

Other things you have to like about the guy are the way his daughter sticks up for him or trying to get his nickname listed in the Internet Movie Database, but they won’t let him. (It’s a childhood name.)

You keep listening waiting for him to go into character even though it doesn’t happen. Instead, you end up wondering why you hated him so much.

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