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Sunday, September 27, 2009

MTV, please, just rebrand and get it over with.

Tim has a post on MTV which spurred a thought. Much as I hate the current rebranding epidemic, it’s way past time for them to change their name. Obviously they stopped being just music a long time ago. Pick a reason.

The ascendency of digital music and filing sharing as a means of spreading the word on new bands? As good as any. Regardless, people just don’t need MTV to break music for them the way they once did. Music videos? Don’t need them for that either.

Whatever its past, it’s clear they aren’t the same network they once were. Yet they still cling to that music legacy. Other cable channels have since rebranded like Syfi and truTV, formerly Court TV. Two moves though that I really question the need for.

But not MTV. Much as I love reality shows like Gs To Gents or Pranked, They’re in denial. Call it RTV for all the reality shows they have, whatever. But the connection to music is hanging on by a VMA thread.

Or is just me?

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