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Friday, September 25, 2009

But wait, there’s more.

- Billy Mays here for WHOA.
- They doth protest too much. But their signs sure are funny. (Via.)
- I’ll have the Windows 7 platter, s'il vous plaît.
- Don’t worry, it happens to every fabric softener.
- Sometimes, all you need is a dream.
- WTF is Bruce Willis doing in this Japanses Subaru commercial?
- Happy Endings Design, may I help you?
- Out of sight, out of meme.
- Will work for jobs.
- Yay Dallas food & hospitality industry!
- BoA DOA.
- Nike Manchester United 8-bit animated madness.
- Clinging to our mantles and ads.
- Help the kids out. Be an instant ad legend.
- Go tell the FDA what’s wrong with pharma. (Details here.)
- Drug kingpins are people too.
- It’s all about the Furry Puppets.
- If it’s been trademarked, it’s here.
- Twitter scraps.
- The biking video Nike shoulda put their logo on.

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