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Friday, September 25, 2009

That damn little Redbox.

With my local Hollywood Video closing, I started using Redbox. I had Netflix, Blockbuster and Netflix accounts and now I watch things online at Hulu, etc. I couldn’t resist, I just couldn’t. I HAD TO TRY THE RED BOX. Insert card. Select. Go. THE SHIT’S FAST, PEOPLE. They’re doing exactly what I though Walmart would’ve done with the market, charging a buck a movie (in some cases, getting a credit for a free one). But, unlike Walmart, these damn things are everywhere now. Supermarkets. Gas stations.

Basically, our city had two video rental chains, Blockbuster and a soon to be closed Hollywood Video. Redbox takes the single store idea and breaks it down into separate locations that cover a wider area. Less titles than the chains? Yes, for now. But they also have less lines. And less fees. Starting with 12 units five years ago, Redbox will have 22,000 units by December. 22,000 in five years. They process 80 videos a second on a weekend night. I don’t care what business you’re in, that’s serious growth.

Sure beats waiting in line at Hollywood.


Ed said...

I waited in line for 30 mins at a redbox the other day. They were also out of a ton of movies and had the option to rent an empty box.

Maybe it's me but I miss the video store experience.

Now if they offered multiple screens (so more people could rent at one time) and a much larger selection it could be a golden experience.

They could also give you the option to rate your movie when you return it and then suggest movies based on what you like.

Redbox has all the pieces to become a giant. Let's just see if they can put them all together.

Anonymous said...

Started using Red Box recently. It's good if you want a new movie. For the more esoteric stuff, you can use Netflix. Blockbuster and all the other video chains are doomed.