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Sunday, September 13, 2009

“May the Best Car Win.”

The more things change...

This is the new GM direction. I think I’d rather go see Miller instead.


wPoFD said...

Don't consumers already have that protection? That's not a GM invention, it's a Consumer Protection Agency right - correct?

St. John said...

Many states have consumer protection "lemon laws," which are not the same. This new GM offer is valid on ANY car -- there need not be anything wrong with it. I think they just want to get folks to try their cars who otherwise might not, with a reassurance that you can walk away if you don't like it. A pretty gutsy offer if you ask me; they must have a lot of confidence that folks will be pleased when they try GM's latest models and will want to keep them.

mtlb said...

@St. - Yep. I bought a Saturn four months ago, but it wasn’t ever going to be the guarantee that convinced me. Hyundai had an even better one. It’s still all about the ride, not gimmicky promotions.

@wPoFD - I think though consumer protection/lemon law doesn’t extend to an outright guarantee due to issues of satisfaction, rather, the dealer has to attempt to resolve the same major problem at least three times before you get can get a new car.

James-H said...

Why is that man on TV? That man should be running the company. Leave being on TV to Kanye West and Peter Griffin.

Offer aside – I'm totally buying a Cadillac tomorrow and driving it around for 59 days – it feels like the same old car crap - replete with an old man guarantee.

Is this it? Total desperation=the most uncreative of all ads? THey call this "honesty", "straight-shooting", "hard-hitting", "breakthrough"?

I miss Modernista.