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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

“Neil! Neil! What was it like to lead such a dramatic moonlanding?”

“Well, it was a total team effort today Suzy.”

The only thing worse than Mike and Mike* talking over each other in last week’s Monday Night Football broadcast was and still is, the producers’ love of a sideline interview, either at halftime or at the end of a game. This week’s Colts’ game wasn’t too bad; at least Peyton Manning stopped long enough to answer Suzy Kolber’s cut and paste weekly “How’d it feel to...” question. But the Bills-Pats with Tom Brady, not so much.

All I can say is, Neil Armstong did it right, mister. No press allowed on the playing field. Of course, it was the surface of moon, but, you get the point. And he did it with a mic that wasn’t obnoxiously huge either. Have you seen the tennis balls these dudes speak into now? It’s indoors people—it doesn’t need the afro-sized windscreen on it.

Wasn’t space age technology supposed to deliver us from this?

*Golic I like.


Anonymous said...

I adore your cynicism and couldn't agree more. Greensburg is like the annoying little gnat that keep flying in your ear. Ugh.

Sully said...

the only thing worse than the talking over one another is the annoying way they introduced paid radio spots: "hey golic. yes greeny?"

i throw up a little in my mouth whenever i hear that.