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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Vitaminwater next up in Facebook-Generated Content sweepstakes.

Have you heard about these things called Facebook apps? So anyway, vitaminwater is now seeking out a few of you 250+ million Facebook addicts to help crowdsource their next flavor. (Shades Mt. Dew, Part Deux! ) Go to their Flava Flav Flavor Creator Lab. The winning entry will be decided by Carrie Underwood and 50 Cent, then awarded $5,000. Okay, pitch over.

First off, not sure if the avatar is a joke or for real, but she’s not hot, she’s creepy.

Second of all, part of the PR release mentions that Carrie Underwood is well aware of America’s “fascination with voting for their favorites.” It’s a throwaway line, but you know it’s the thinking behind a lot of these campaigns. It ain’t the voting people are in love with, it’s the cash.

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ben said... just conducted a study on 305 viewers of Vitamin Water’s new campaign on Facebook. Results showed that the majority (95%) indicated that reaching out to its fans through Facebook will help brand image. The study also found that among the respondents who claimed to be users of the social networking site, Facebook, more than half (54%) reported that they would consider becoming a fan of Vitamin Water’s Facebook Fan Page, and participate in its new Flavor Creator promotion. More in-depth results can be seen at: