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Sunday, September 20, 2009

You knew they had a logo, right?

Logo? I didn’t even know there was a U.S. Pole Dance Federation, let alone a championship. Ironically, I don’t cover much in the way of logos here, but when I do! At least the tagline didn’t use the word energy, future or life. NOT that I think it’s an easy thing, you know, to work the pole, but I’m just not ready to sign a petition in support of one fan’s call to make it an Olympic event. Granted, it could be a Winter or Summer Games thing, and figure skaters and synchronized swimmers do incorporate classical music into their routines all the time. There’s just something wrong about pole dancing to Swan Lake (replete with tutu and snickers from the audience).

Maybe we’ll be more open-minded in 2016.



Anonymous said...

My God, Man...where DO YOU FIND This Stuff!!??

shaun. said...


Joker said...

The triple S strippers..... I mean erotic dancers... I mean pole polishers.... I mean.... well you know what I mean.