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Friday, October 23, 2009

Dead guy in a little coat.

I’m glad Tim posted this. I had the same reaction of “Oooooh.” Feels wrong. But not just for the dead movie star thing, but because apparently Spade’s overcome his not wanting to talk about Farley’s death. Long as the check clears I guess.


Anonymous said...

Shame you saw a dead guy and not Chris Farley. It would suck to be such a cynic.

mtlb said...

It would, if I was. I saw brilliant comedian actually. The same as when I first heard about Belushi. But, save your outrage. Spade’s the one who had problems talking about him. Guess not anymore. I never saw Aykroyd trade on Belushi’s death. And save it for the people around Farley who focused on enabling him instead of helping.

By all means though, call out bloggers if it helps.