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Friday, October 23, 2009

VW vs. Detroit—Selling cars, 3.0.

I guess this is the provocative advertising Chrysler talked about? I saw a few things today that brought to light the divide between old and new mindsets relative to the marketing of the auto industry. The first involves the Buy American selling prop which is currently dying hard at my local Pontiac Dodge dealer above. Irony ensues. Over the summer, there was the previous “innovation” from GM and their eBay auction in California.

Then I saw where Volkswagen is going to be the first auto manufacturer to introduce a new model (2010 GTI) via the Real Racing GTI mobile app. (Screen grab here.) Cool idea to appeal to gamer crowd by going after them with... games. While eBay auction may seem hokey, at least it’s trying to do something to disrupt the traditional dealer > consumer purchase cycle.

Six gamers at random over six weeks will each win an exclusive MkVIs based on how they do in the gaming competition. buyers will also be able to configure their vehicles, modeled after the six prize cars, at participating Volkswagen dealerships throughout the U.S.

While I hate marketing speak, it fits in this case:

“The GTI customer is a tech-savvy consumer who enjoys social networking, playing games and spending time on mobile devices – most often an iPhone. Launching the all-new 2010 GTI via the Real Racing GTI App allows us to connect with this savvy GTI consumer within his or her everyday life in a way that no 30-second spot ever could.”

Cars via mobile phone? Definitely more innovative than another ad campaign filmed on location in a desert.

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