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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hulu to charge for content.

No shock there. (Hulu has since responded.) Instead of some deep analysis though, I’ll let the comments on the article speak for themselves if this is really something they’re considering:

“I use Hulu almost everyday. I can tell you for certain that I’ll just go back to downloading all my shows on bittorrents if they charge. I'll be damned if I pay for shows and still have to watch commercials. That’s why I don’t have cable...”


“Yep, bye bye hulu.”


“Forget it Hulu. I’m not gonna pay, and I doubt many others will. If you want to reduce your user numbers to a fraction of what you have today, then go ahead with this idiotic move. I for one will head elsewhere.”


“Yeah. I don’t pay TV cable for that exact reason, I don’t wanna pay and still have to watch commercials. I’d certainly go back to torrent stuff if they start charging. I didn’t even hate their commercials, they are really unobtrusive, but I definitelly won't pay for that.”

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