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Friday, October 16, 2009

More AdVerve on the way.

Thanks to all who downloaded the first episode of AdVerve with guest Hadji Williams. We had close to 1,300 episodes downloaded in the first week. Many people emailed Angela and me and expressed support over the way we talked about a subject nobody likes talking about. Thanks also to everyone who dug the show enough to blog about it, Craig, David, David, HighJive and Steve.

(Yes, the audio issues were annoying at times, but after previewing the final version, we all agreed the vibe we had going was going to be hard to repeat, so we ran with it. Lotta shows we listened to make the production thing look easy. After one show, and while I knew it might be some work, I can officially say it, um, takes work. Stay with us though as we move forward and get things tighter.)

As a result of the show, Hadji got a guest stint on Ad Age discussing one of the issues we raised. Unlike most pieces on the topic, the comments were mostly civil. Mostly. (Thanks to Ken Wheaton for making that happen and covering us as well.) Not every show will be that deep, that’s for sure, but we’ll talk about advertising the way we want, in ways we don’t see discussed anywhere else and sometimes, in ways that may be out of your comfort zone.

Here’s a little sample from the new episode coming out next week:

Adverve Show #2 - Trailer

And if you didn’t listen to the first show yet, download both parts here:

Adverve Show #1 - part 1

Adverve Show #1
- part 2

Until we get into iTunes, subscribe to the show feed directly here or through Feedburner.

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