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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Target wishes illegal aliens a happy Halloween.

After they pick E.T. up, I think he gets one phone call, no? Get your Target costume while supplies last. They may run out—of the country. OH! *Tries to think of other powderkeg topics doubling as entendre!* Tea bag party makes a nice costume, no? No. Public option? Eh, too boring. No, illegal aliens is perfect.

UPDATE: “Aliens” have since weighed in and given their two cents, and Target has agreed to pull the costume off the site, claiming it was a mistake. Uh, yep. Of course, several people will be disappointed to see it go, with more than a few voicing this sentiment:

“How dare any person be offended by this spectacular costume! I think it is hilarious, and I believe it should be sold to any REAL American. People need to quit their cryin' and get over it, this is America and if they don't like it, go back to their own Country! I'll defiantly purchase one of my own.”

Happy Halloween indeed.


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