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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Whitney was right. The children ARE our future.

Boost Up seeks to help American teens with inspirational messages from friends and family. It’s a pretty extensive site that gives you different looks into the lives of teens overcoming obstacles in their lives. Even though you can email someone a message, make your own inspiring video section, and see other TV spots on the site, it still feels like it needs more social network integration.

Call it the AAA initiative too. Army, Adobe and the Ad Council—you’re just not sure who this is really for. Adobe is tying this into their Plant and Inspire effort with the Black Eyed Peas. While I appreciate smaller logos, the Army’s identity is almost lost here.

With many of the armed forces increasing their advertising presence these past few years, being discrete here isn’t necessary. Especially given the idea of overcoming personal struggles that seems to align perfectly with the Army.

The oddest thing which is probably unintentional though are two of the messages there, one being the actual title of this post. The other, it’s good karma. You’ve probably done something bad that you need to make up for. Maybe, but it’s not about your redemption in this case, rather, helping someone else.

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