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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Because nothing says 7-10 split like natural disaster.

I can’t believe bowling and all its bad metaphors have been hiding all this time. It’s an old spot with Pete Weber that still runs (as it did today), but financial services and their hack dead horse beating themes have nothing on... STORM! *cue lightning SND FX*

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phillybikeboy said...

I'm guessing that spot won't conjure up any bad conotations for those who lost their homes in Katrina, or the relatives of the thousands who lost their lives. Or any of the thousands struck by tornadoes every year, either. Not at all.

What's next? Hey, didn't the World Trade Center always remind you of a 7-10 split? Let's come up with a bowling ball called the Jihadi! I can just see the spot now!