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Sunday, November 15, 2009

When heroes fall.

Not that they’re heroes, just needed a grabber! Two things about two people...

First, why does Morrissey now look like my dad after he just finished clearing branches? He’d be at home in a Miller High Life spot.

(Okay, so taking a bottle off the head was bush league, but my dad would’ve jumped out into the audience, beat the shit out of the dude, then hopped back up on stage mid-song. No, he would’ve.)

Then there’s Travolta.

John, John, John. How’s that saying go again? You never have a second chance to make a good... second chance? Headed down fast after the Look Who’s Cashing A Check franchise when Quentin performed career CPR. (10 so-so films to 2 great ones is the new approved standard I believe.) Vincent Vega putting him back on Hollywood’s serious role radar.

Still, the signs were there as another slide appeared in the works.

For every Civil Action or Phenomenon, there was a Lucky Numbers. Originally mastering badass in Pulp Fiction and ultra-cool in Get Shorty without even trying, subsequent roles in Broken Arrow, Swordfish and Be Cool tried hard to recapture “the magic.” (It’s almost back with the recent Pelham remake. Almost.)

Personally, I think it was the temptation to work with Howie Long that started the second fall from grace.

Now, I see a trailer with not only Robin Williams for Old Dogs (hilarity ensues!), but Wild Hogs II? TWO? SO many unanswered questions I guess that they need a sequel to work shit out.

Not sure how many more Pulp Fictions Tarentino has lined up.

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