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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gillette’s racist ball move!

Sorry. Needed a grabber to wake you out of your Thanksgiving/shopping/college football-induced coma. If you follow futbol, you know the controversy over Thierry Henry’s handball that allowed France to qualify for the World Cup against Ireland. (Try watching that replay in an Irish bar as I did. Ouch.) And if you follow Gillette, you recognize the point of sale approach to all of their ad campaigns: Athletes, hero shot of the product, tech background and bold italic copy. The latest version though features said handballee Henry—with the ball now gone. He says a replay of the game would be fair, but good luck with that. The last thing FIFA cares about is fair. (Besides, what game of this magnitude in any sport has ever been replayed over an error shown on replay?

*waits, ponders*

Gillette denies any connection between the two events. Yeah, okaaay. Whatever. They could’ve avoided it in the first place by, um, having a futbol player with the ball BY HIS FEET.

Oh and yes, NFL refs aren’t the only ones who take shit.


HighJive said...

Gillette should also revise the image to show Tiger Woods' wife holding the golf club.

Ed Martin said...

Maybe they should take away Tiger's golf club, or better yet replace him with his wife