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Monday, November 23, 2009

Rupert Murdoch, Oprah and a loofah.

Sexy! Who’s Mr. Last-minute fill-in? > > This guy < < Beancast has Dan Goldgeier and David Burn from AdPulp as well as Dirk Singer from Cow. We covered Oprah, Rupert Murdoch giving the finger to Google, and how tech-savvy people need to become now. Download the show directly here. Twitter: TheBeanCast, mtlb, David, Danny G. and Dirk.

At one point, we bring up BBDO Detroit’s closing. Bob raised the point that this now means an influx of A-list talent on the streets. At the risk of giving the proverbial finger to out of work creatives (I don't cover hirings and firings here for that reason), you hear me ask him to prove that. Wasn’t trying to be a dick, but I meant in the bigger picture, that’s the typical mindset people have whenever layoffs are discussed. I don’t think that logic always applies though. While a lot of talented people often suffer in large cuts (and, agencies also use it as an excuse to get rid of dead weight), not everyone who gets fired is A-list material.


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Bob Knorpp, @thebeancast said...

In defense of myself, that's not what I meant to imply. I was just suggesting that with whole office closures and deep layoffs, the streets are flooded with A-listers and/or people who get digital, not just the second-stringers. I have no knowledge of BBDO Detroit and whether they are included among the A-listers.

So there! In your face, hater. 8P

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