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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

NUT if I see you first.

Aww, c’mon, that’s a cute spot. (Even if he didn’t say that it like that. Give them credit. The New York Lottery avoided using little people as elves or reindeer in their holiday spot. Who doesn’t love a little office romance with nutcrackers!


Dan Barron said...

It is cute.
But I'm baffled by nut's "Not if I see you first," line.
Is it:
A) He's putting down the gifter?
B) He's shy and tongue-tied and is mis-using the phrase?
C) Intentionally ambiguous?
D) Copywriter goofed?

Anonymous said...


you're over-thinking it. it's just a line that comes out when people say "i'll see you later" then you wind up saying "not if i see you first".

You're probably over-thinking it.

BTW How are your spots?

Anonymous said...

yeah dan - my boyfriend and i are confused by it too... doesn't quite make sense in my book.

Anonymous said...

what are you confused about?