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Thursday, January 21, 2010

But local ads are supposed to suck.

Rhett & Link and Truck Monkey notwithstanding, 99.999999% of local ads suck. Whether they’re offensive or not is another thing. It’s almost always owners *trying* to be funny, but who end up offending someone over shocking statements. (Or, they’re simply running stock footage of the latest model with dealer logo slapped on.) Either way, I don’t know of another industry that has a bigger disconnect between its national advertising and what you see or experience on a local level than... the auto business.

Forget the actual buying experience. Memories of gorgeous running shots in million dollar spots evaporate as soon as you walk through showroom doors, your mere presence now chumming those very waters. Most local radio or TV ads though are your garden variety over the top suck of course, but that’s what this stuff is. COME ON DOWN!

Speaking of, if you live in the New York City area, you know Brad Benson’s commercials and radio spots. His deal? Sales pitch + awkwardly-placed topical commentary. Pick a recent event and chances are it’ll end up in one of his spots. (He even managed to work in the story of the pilots who overflew the airport.) Take this older one on waterboarding. If you can find a better spot, I’ll match any joke:

(Gary tip via MrBrownThumb.)

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