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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chicks dig cute puppies.

Saw this last week and it feels like not just that I’ve seen it before with Burger King, but, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and others seem to just interchange the same looks now. (Beauty shots will always be the safe choice for brands and appeal to any demo, but I mean the lifestyle shit now that’s essentially become beer in tone.) When one’s going serious with a focus on heritage, the other is pulling Bud-like stunts or giving a nod to the spirit of Captain Morgan. Even Jack Daniels is now out with yet another look.

I’m not saying keep the same messaging for 20 years, but doesn’t it feel like the multiple voices of each undermine the uniqueness of their respective brands? Going back to Bud, even though a beer, they come off as one of the few brands that’s been able to strike a balance between heritage, the feel-good, and the lol funny!

That said, Guys are still guys rules in some spots, while the “maturity” of Ketel One’s Real Man™ post-metrosexual speaks to an older and *richer* demo. But then in the same category, you have a classic brand like Smirnoff that literally owned the real man positioning forever (as your dad’s vodka), somewhere along the line became Captain Morgan with its giant dog vibe.

I like trying something new, I just think ultimately, there’s something to always be said for focusing on the distinct flavor of the product, not just the uniqueness of a dick joke that advertises it.

Stay thirsty my friends.

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