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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cougars-the growing menace.

WON’T YOU PLEASE HELP? This spot from Air New Zealand has caused... an uproar. Shock. Awe. What’s an uproar without someone also releasing a statement speaking out against it, and not just, ahem, cougars in question, but New Zealand’s Rape Prevention Education director Kim McGregor who said:

“We have also had complaints from male survivors who have been raped by women and they are very distressed that their situation is being laughed at and made out to be humorous.”

Well, are ya offended? Amused? Has this just given the campaign the attention it wanted all along?



Michael the G said...

Hmmmm...maybe Baobao would like to sell you something? Perhaps he should work on his marketing approach.

The ad is funny. The "Mutual of Omaha Presents" angle has been done to death but the little side gags "Marketing or Human Resources Consulting" etc. kept the ball rolling.

Alan Wolk said...

Funny, but trying to figure out the connection to Air New Zealand here and coming up blank.

Or is this sponsored content that lives on a bigger site along with other humorous videos?

mtlb said...

@aw - Supposedly a standalone site, but like most *things* like this I’ve seen for travel, the url simply takes you back to their main ticketing/offer page with no campaign tie-in. Disappointing when that happens.