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Thursday, January 21, 2010

They actually did THIS? OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sokay, read Brian’s take because I can’t add anything except *maybe* a little rant on the virals most ad blogs get sent, either by PR agency or *anonymous* gmail account. (Which, I still fall for because I think cool, I’m the only one getting this. BASTARDS!) Regardless, the problem I have that applies to all viral can be summed up by two comments there:

“I wish that woman would jump into a bucket of fire.”

“haha, screw it.. fake or not [obviously fake though] it’s fun to see these types of vids! imaginative. She sucks though!”

I agree with the first and the second, well, actually, it’s not fun. Not when the acting is that annoying. Like bad techno porntracks, it ruins everything. Fuh-KING everything. Sure, this stuff gets views. But I bet it gets as many if not more without the play-by-play. Whether due to a nervous client who doesn’t think people will get it, or a see-saw print ad mindset carried over by creatives who think people won’t get it, just, stop already.

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