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Friday, January 8, 2010

Cute kids never fail.

Except when the GE Employees Federal Credit Union spot out now takes the same footage and swaps out the logo. Nice! Do I have it to show you? No, but trust me. I’m a blogger—I wouldn’t lie to you. I went looking for it on YT and found this older Trigon BlueCross BlusShield version instead. The kids are still cute though. Better performance than the vast number of spots out there.


kissMyBlackAds said...


HighJive said...

Why does this spot pop up regularly on ad blogs? Is there some “cute kiddie spot” repository bloggers tap on slow news days? This particular kid used to be cast in nearly every spot shot in Chicago – and he’s a damned teenager already, nearly at the legal drinking age.

mtlb said...

@hj - Ha. Blame the agencies who keep recycling the footage and swapping out logos for a new client.