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Friday, January 8, 2010

Overheard internet.

Because internet comments are cool, honest and sad. In an unedited B-roll, straight to your monitor kinda way...

Does it really matter if hitler had one testicle or ten of them.

I don't take meds. youd be hardpressed to find a rock and roll artist more qualified than Lady Gaga in all of music. FYI, get a clue, then we'll talk.”

Ha! I told you guys, this is the smart money in the celebrity deadpool. Casey Johnson was a flier, but here's your good odds. The keep an eye on Gary Coleman.”

Biggest freaking LIAR to ever hold the office, but at least he’s a “certified intellectual” or so we’re told by the Manhattan trash of America.”
Dave, Tn

disagreed. You gotta have trance for videos like this.”

There are many things wrong with this commercial. The terrible melody, the attempted rhyming of "road" and "balls", and the 80's shredding metal guitar in the background, the car salesman at the end telling us it's "America's favorite". Then the commercial itself - you got the cleanest-looking construction worker ever awkwardly holding his hero like its kryptonite, then you got the Irish looking hipster mother serving her Spanish looking retarded son (yeah those 2 are related), and Mama Lucia..

It’s not the music that gives you bell ringers, it’s the coke....

Oh, how delightful, a wanna be guitarist commenting on how the Edge is a shit player because he uses effects. Maybe I'll take you seriously when a band that's practically centered around your sound has sold 145 million records and has been making music that people care about for 30 years now. Until then, enjoy playing for your stuffed animals and pretending that they think you're great.”

I’m confused by the dark spot on her bottom lip in #3. Or are soul patches on women a “rich” thing I haven’t heard about?

the single most disturbing video on youtube.”

ur all idiots. shes on the set of her new music video..stop judging
Andrea S.

really. go kill yourself. i think people got the point smoking's bad. your making me want to do it not to end up like you no life assholes who run around protesting

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