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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Saw this at Ikea today. While they’ve had this section forever, it just hit me in a strange way. PRETTY sure I get the concept of “AS-IS.” Maybe some don’t, maybe they have questions about the as is process. Like, what’s with the hyphen. Or, what if it means “As I want it to be?” What then? (How as id of me!) OR perhaps they can tell me the history of the term. Instead, I walked around and came across scratch and dent slash unsold greatness:

Besides asking assistance from some worker who may have missed the typo in co worker, I’d have to ask about the swimmer in pink atop the seahorse. The other two seem content, joyous even, but not her. She looks away, seemingly troubled over perhaps being priced too low ($2.99).

Welcome to the world of as is.

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